Thursday, November 5, 2015

Canton Ohio Secure Storage Facility

Non Allowables in a Canton Ohio Secure Storage Facility

If you are packing up your home and moving elsewhere but you have many items in your home that you would like to store for a while during your moving operation you must be careful what you choose to move as there are some items that cannot be moved by a transport company and they might not be allowed in self storage either. Here are some Louisville self storage tips in Canton Ohio about what you can transport to your new storage unit.

These items are called non-allowables by removal companies.  There are certain obvious things like gasoline and ammunition but nail polish and children’s chemistry sets appear on the non-allowable lists too. Perishable food items are not permissible either. Fertilizer doesn’t seem to be at 1st glance hazardous but in certain conditions it can become extremely explosive.

Hazardous goods are normally those which could explode spontaneously. They could be flammable or even corrosive.  Some of the non-allowables include fireworks, ammonia, aerosols, gasoline, acids, paint thinners, fire extinguishers, pesticides, car batteries, pool chemicals, propane tanks, kerosene, poisons, scuba tanks and weed killers.

You might want to store confidential documents in your newly acquired rented self storage canton oh unit but you have to think how you will get them to the storage unit. Many removal companies don’t want to transport such things as medical records, school records or financial documents which may be either difficult to replace or could be seen as confidential if they got into the wrong hands. Deeds, IRAs and tax records would come under this classification too.
Sensitive electronics, including cameras and laptops, could even be damaged by hot or cold temperatures so you should ensure that you make arrangements to get them to your self storage unit so they do not get damaged.

If you are giving up your old home for good this may be the best time to think seriously about what hazardous products you do have in your home. Anything that is lying around in packets partially open with damaged labeling could be poisonous to both pets and people. If you no longer have use for them you should not just chuck them in the trash can without a thought but you should contact your local council to find out the best ways of disposing of hazardous materials.

The worst thing you could do with them is take them to your storage unit as some of the more hazardous items could explode and cause serious injury or property damage. You don’t want to have to tell your insurance company that you were storing volatile hazardous waste in your self storage units in Canton as you may find you are not covered for such events.

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